The Primeval Holt Of The Elk Lord now available!

The Primeval Holt Of The Elk Lord is now available to the public, it was previously only available to patrons.

The forest Grimholt is one of the oldest in the world. It's ruled by Ziphek The Elk Lord, an antediluvian godling. Few have heard of Grimholt except in whispered tales of arcane secrets and wicked creatures left over from a darker age.

The Primeval Holt Of The Elk Lord is a 4 page pointcrawl for the tabletop rpg Wander (which is included in the download) but can be used with other tabletop rpgs. It can be printed on a single sheet of letter sized paper.

What are folks saying about this adventure?

One of my favourite supplements ever. full of wonders, poetry and mysteries, factions you can befriend or defy. - Bruno Bord

So many original and awesome ideas crammed into a tight little setting and product. -@the_escher

This is one of the best adventures I've ever run. - Shane Long

Review: Blood In The Water

Review: Blood In The Water

I received a review copy of Dungeon On A Dime issue 3: Blood In The Water. This is an open-ended adventure for Dungeons and Dragons 5e but easily used with other systems.

Right off the bat, I was struck by the quality of the print and art. It’s risoprinted on recycled paper and feels great and looks stunning. Except for a splash of red on the cover, it’s a duotone of black and green throughout. Feels like a workbook that is meant to be used. Which it is.

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Tunnel Goons Resources

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I’m going to try to collect all the hacks and supplements for Tunnel Goons right here. If you know of something I’m missing pleasing leave a comment. Thank you!

Official Stuff

Stuff I made for Tunnel Goons.


Games inspired by or made with Tunnel Goons


Add ons, additional rules, translations, etc.

The Lost Isle Print Run

lost ilse cover.png

The Lost Isle is a point crawl on the strange island, Ompahuacan. On the island you will encounter Jellyfolk, otherworldly aliens, humanoid vegetables, newt conquistadors, and more!

The book is 16 pages, counting the covers. It contains 13 described locations, 2 which are small keyed dungeons. There is a rumor table, a random encounters table, a brief history of the island and the factions inhabiting it. It’s meant for a low level adventuring party but no effort at balance has been made.

Monster stats are compatible with Knave and other old school rpgs.

Profits from this print run will go to to support their relief work at the US Border. It will be available on September 18th from

The Lost Isle map.png

sample page spread.


The Moldy Unicorn

I released a new zine!

Taverns are a common place for heroes to meet, learn about quests, and celebrate their heroic exploits. At The Moldy Unicorn, however, you will not find heroes. You will find scoundrels, monsters, knaves, and goons. You won’t find The Moldy Unicorn in a bright surface city or a friendly farming village. You’ll find it in one of the dark corners of the underworld, perhaps in a ramshackle goblin town, at the intersection of a forgotten underground highway, or on the outskirts of a necromancer’s undead fortress city. Drop The Moldy Unicorn into your campaign’s underworld and see what your players do with it.

This zine is meant to be played with Tunnel Goons but should be easy to use with other analog RPGs.

Get it at the following links:




Twitter Wizard Spell Book

I asked folks on twitter to generate a spell name using this generator I made and write what the spell does.

I got so many great responses so I compiled them into google doc spell book!

It was fun to see spells written by people from different gaming backgrounds: OSR, 5e, Story Games.

Some of my favorites:

33. Hilarious Temporal Hand

Opens a glowing portal in front of you, if you reach through you see nothing but feel someone's belt. The next time you would take falling damage, ignore it, as a spectral hand grabs your pants and saves you at the last moment. @GPejeau

35. Abyssal Acid Forest

Lets the caster see into a primordial landscape from millions of years prior, but whose landmarks are used by secret societies to convene and hide things in the modern world. @fuseboy

64. Putrid Singing Tentacles

Inky black tentacles manifest from a dimensional void. The tentacles smell of week old sushi and sing "In the Air Tonight," but stop just before the bit with the big drum fill.

Save to avoid becoming ill from the smell. Anyone who does the drummy bit from the song using whatever means available auto-passes save. @CullopGeoffrey

Check them all out here:

Twitter Wizard Spell Book

The Lost Isle

I wrote a 14 page (16 with covers), 13 location point crawl zine called The Lost Isle. It’s available on the patreon and will be available in print eventually. Everyone in the Paranormal Researcher tier got homemade print copies mailed to them.

It features the mysterious island Ompahuacan. A place that exists in two world at once! There are jellyfolk, blue newts, a yeti, a hover board, and humanoid vegetables including a carrot who runs a b&b! You know, all the normal D&D stuff.

It features the mysterious island Ompahuacan. A place that exists in two world at once! There are jellyfolk, blue newts, a yeti, a hover board, and humanoid vegetables including a carrot who runs a b&b! You know, all the normal D&D stuff.


The Stolen City - One Page City Crawl


I started working on an urbancrawl setting/adventure to enter in the One Page Dungeon Contest.

It’s a sprawling city that you generate as the players explore it. You travel block by block and populate each block as players explore the city. There are gangs you need to watch out for, or join! The gangs are only briefly described right now. I’m working on fleshing them out and adding some more faction stuff for the player to interact with.
An early draft is available on my patreon.