Up Top!

I love hats. I don't know why. I'm always buying old caps from garage sales or goodwill. I guess I just like to accessorize. Here are some favorites from my collection. Thanks to Darla and Joe Jack for modeling.

I really love Louisiana related hats. I like this one in particular because my family is from near the Lake Charles area of Louisiana. The Ancient Arabic Order of the Nobles of the Mystic Shrine makes some pretty cool caps. Freemasons have always had a cool aesthetic. I've thought it'd be neat to join the masons. I always imagine most of it involves hanging out with old dudes at a lodge drinking. But I guess I really don't need to join a secret society to do that.

The McDonnell Douglas KC-10 Extender is a flying oil tanker used by the Air Force to refuel planes in flight. I guess this hat belonged to someone who worked on or flew one. Or maybe it belonged to some airplane nerd who really loved the KC-10. Either way, its a real cool patch. I like the rope on the bill too.

I love this hat. It was my Pawpaw Winston's. He worked for Union Pacific and had a bunch of UP hats, jackets and pins. This patch is really great. Rail gangs are the work groups that maintain railways. I remember as a kid riding in my Pawpaws truck that could attach to the rails, it was super cool. I don't know what the 1.16% pin means but he had a few different percentage pins on his hats. If anyone knows please comment. 

Another Railroad cap. The KCS logo has a real classic look to it. I don't know what the patch is made of, but it has a weird rubbery feel and rough texture. The piping on the bill and the stripes going down the sides are a great touch.

Another one of grandpa's Union Pacific hats. The embroidery is very intricate and the red rope is a great balance to the graphic.

I like this one because the patch says Shreveport, and Shreveport is the greatest city in the world. Duck's nice too.

I've been wearing this one a lot this winter. The corduroy is soft and keeps my noggin warm. I'm not sure what Narello is. A google search brought up something called the National Association of Real Estate License Law Officials. Maybe it's an acronym of that. The Hawaii flag patch is cool.


I've got a few Red Man Chewing Tobacco hats. I like the type in their logo a lot. Nearly every time I've worn one of these someone comments about how their dad or grandad chewed Red Man. I really like how the white cap has a gum disease warning on it. Doesn't seem like that would be legally required to have on a hat. Maybe it was at the time, or maybe they didn't know and didn't want to risk getting in trouble.

I've had these two for a while. The patches are sewed and super glued on to the hats, I don't remember what's underneath. Both of these have been trampled in countless circle pits. I'm surprised they're still intact.

One of my favorite new hats. Made by Index Drums for the Texas Avenue Makers Fair.