Ghost Star Play Report

I received this transmission from a group of scavengers from Indiana! Thanks gamemaster Jack Lowe for running In The Light Of A Ghost Star!

This was a blast. We played a 3 player group. Each specialised in a different attribute and named their scavenger group The Lootas.

Fighter: Hrothgand (an inexperienced fool who is strong but made a horrible mistake... you'll see.) Explorer: Duane Shan (cyborg found and rebuilt by the Scientist on a previous scavenge mission.) Scientist: Speakatron (named for having built in speakers in his face. Unknown if Speakatron is a robot or cyborg.)
The group purchased plenty of rations and knew of their mission in advance. One week to explore and find artifacts and return to the drop zone to be taken back to Mars. A very "space pulp" style was presented to them as they descended to Earth.
The party was split on where to go but ultimately decided it was best to not split up. So a final vote was decided by way of a chance cube. (Dice roll) and they went south.

Towards the woods. In hopes of finding food or wildlife. A random encounter roll resulted in 5 ape warriors which were heard moving in the woods.
Hrothgand approached the trees and successfully hid himself as he listened in to figure out what was waiting for them in the woods.
Discovering the threat he signaled to the party as they came up with a plan to draw them out with their lanterns. A fight ensued along with a lantern successfully turned into a makeshift bomb. Sadly the group discovered that Hrothgand did not purchase a weapon. Of any kind.. so he attempted to wrestle the apes and steal one of their primitive glaives. His attempts were in vain as were many of the phaser blasts from the explorer and scientist.

Hrothgand was grappled and brought to the ground. While Speakatron ran along with Duane Shan.
Hrothgand heard the apes say he would make a good feast before being knocked unconscious.
That player began making a new character as the scavengers retreated to a black pool of water. Along the beach of this pool they saw a local primitive human abandoned by a campsite. Andrin the new player character. Equipped with a stone spear he joins the party without question after they save him from his bindings.
There they meet Dr Quartec and assist in recovering the device in the lake. A few days of travel and survival later they eventually make it to the astro liches tower. Delivering the device he grants them a plasma key and the knowledge of the location of a treasure in a nearby city. He also gives the party a set of red armor to disguise themselves amongst the apes. The lich took a liking to the party.
That's where we ended the session for the night but everyone enjoyed it. Even though Hrothgand ended up being Ape food