The Primeval Holt Of The Elk Lord now available!

The Primeval Holt Of The Elk Lord is now available to the public, it was previously only available to patrons.

The forest Grimholt is one of the oldest in the world. It's ruled by Ziphek The Elk Lord, an antediluvian godling. Few have heard of Grimholt except in whispered tales of arcane secrets and wicked creatures left over from a darker age.

The Primeval Holt Of The Elk Lord is a 4 page pointcrawl for the tabletop rpg Wander (which is included in the download) but can be used with other tabletop rpgs. It can be printed on a single sheet of letter sized paper.

What are folks saying about this adventure?

One of my favourite supplements ever. full of wonders, poetry and mysteries, factions you can befriend or defy. - Bruno Bord

So many original and awesome ideas crammed into a tight little setting and product. -@the_escher

This is one of the best adventures I've ever run. - Shane Long