Ghost Star Back In Stock!

I just made some more Ghost Star zines. I’m out of the map posters and buttons, so it’s just the zine and some character sheets.

In The Light Of A Ghost Star (ZINE ONLY, NO MAP, NO PIN)

In The Light Of A Ghost Star is a rules-lite system and setting for sci-fi roleplaying. It comes with a hex crawl and random tables that can also be used with other RPG systems.

Ghost Star was designed to be quick and easy to play. It’s perfect for one shot games and short campaigns. Characters can be created quickly and can die even quicker!

In The Light Of A Ghost Star by Nate Treme is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License. So feel free to chop it up and make your own game out of it!

These are homemade prints of In The Light Of A Ghost Star. Like many zines, they are handmade and NOT PERFECT. Sometimes the pages and staples aren’t perfectly straight. They are all a little different. I used different colored paper randomly so no two are exactly alike.

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