D8 Peculiar Peregrinations


Here are some overland travel encounters. Meant for use with Knave. References my homebrew player species list.


1. Jerchu’s Millipede Camp - A giant opalescent millipede with brightly colored howdahs and large leather travel sacks strapped to it’s back. This is the travelling merchant camp of Jerchu, a portly Ratfolk merchant captain. His entourage consists of 3d6 Ratfolk camp workers, 3d4 beetlefolk camp guards and Fizpok, a red plumed Avian poet and scribe.
They spend the temperate season travelling between settlements trading goods. Jerchu will sell mundane items to travelers and will buy valuable items. Fizpok will pay $1 for a good adventure story and will write letters or poems for $5.
Jerchu- HD: 2; AD: 12; ATT: 1 Sword 1d8; ML: 6; SP: 30’
Ratfolk Workers- HD: 1; AD: 11; ATT: 1 Dagger 1d6; ML: 4; SP: 30’
Beetle Guards- HD: 3; AD: 15; ATT: 1 Pike 1d10; ML: 6; SP: 30’
Fizpok- HD- 2; AD: 12; ATT: 1 Slingshot 1d4 and 1d8 Sword; ML: 6; SP: 30’

2.Off Season Carnival Troupe- A group of circus performers currently in between jobs. Travelling to small towns to busk until the next large circus tour begins. Eager to perform for other travelers, will expect donations in return.
Fizlo, heavily tattooed dwarf fortune teller- HD: 2; AD: 12; ATT: 1 Dagger 1d6; ML: 5; SP: 30’
Bamelzar, large Doggo strongman- HD: 3; AD: 13; ATT: 1 Dumbell 1d10; ML: 6; SP: 30’
Yomdar and Melfiz, Human acrobats- HD: 2; AD: 11; ATT: 1 Darts 1d6; ML: 6; SP: 30’
Radizobek, Goatfolk juggler- HD: 2; AD: 12; ATT: Throwing Knives 1d6; ML: 4; SP: 30’
Badudimi, Catfolk sword swallower- HD: 2; AD: 13; ATT: 1 Sword 1d8; ML: 5; SP: 30’

3. Shroomkin Foragers- 4d6 Shroomkin on a flora cataloging expedition. They can create various potions, poisons and poultices.
Foragers- HD: 2; AD: 11; ATT: 1 Hand Scythe 1d6; ML: 4; SP: 30’
Healing Potion- Restores 2d6 HP, $25.
Nullodour- Removes ones natural smell for 48 hours, $20.
Braveleaf Potion- Makes one immune to fear for 1d4 hours, $25.
Slugdream Poison- Makes one very sleepy, CON save or fall asleep, causes pleasant dreams, $50.

robo crux.png

4. Iron Cult Crucifixion- A red robed procession of the Iron Cult carrying a tall metal cross with a rusted ancient robot attached. These 12 cultists are led by Yimbet Mudscar, a serene but serious blue-spotted Frogling. Robots are considered by many to just be statues from the Time Forgotten. The Iron Cult believes they are sleeping gods that can be awakened by crucifixion in the lighting fields on the Storm Plateau.
Yimbet Mudscar- HD: 2; AD: 12; ATT: 1 Sword 1d6, 1 Magic Missile Scroll; ML: 6; SP: 30’
Cultists-HD: 2; AD: 12; ATT: 1 Sword 1d6, or 1 Bow 1d6; ML: 6; SP: 30’

5. Giant Pangolin Migration- 3d6 giant golden pangolins travelling to ancestral mating grounds. They are in a hurry and will be greatly annoyed if delayed.
Giant Pangolin- HD: 4; AD: 16; ATT: 2 Claws 1d10; ML: 7; SP: 50’


6. Beetle Slab Draggers- 4d8 Beetlefolk drag a large stone monolith carved with runes to their mound city library. They argue passionately about the possible meanings of the runes.
Beetle Slab Draggers- HD: 2; AD: 13; ATT: 1 Scimitar 1d8; ML: 6; SP: 30’

7. Skulltrich Herd- 3d4 humans are trying corral an out of control herd of 4d6 Skulltriches. They are trying to take them to market in a nearby settlement.
Human Herdsmen - HD: 2; AD: 12; ATT: 1 Staff 1d6, or 1 Bow 1d6; ML: 4; SP: 30’
Skulltrich, like an Ostrich but with bone like natural armor growing on it’s body.
HD: 3; AD: 15; ATT: 1 Talon 2d6, 1 Beak 1d8; ML: 6; SP: 40’

8. Goblin Landship- A wooden ship attached to large wooden wheels propelled by a large sail careens wildly across a grassy plain. It’s manned by a crew of 15 goblins. A seemingly magical small storm cloud follows closely behind blowing a strong wind into the sail.
Goblin- HD: 1; AD: 12; ATT: 1 Club 1d6; ML: 5; SP: 30’