Eventful Journey Generation for Wandering Knaves

Here are some random encounter tables to use in your Knave games or whatever game your playing! The monsters are statted up in my previous Knave Bestiary post. This is also something I posted a while back on G+ before it failed it’s death save.

First roll on the D4 Encounter Types table then on the appropriate D12 table.


D4 Encounter Types

  1. Monstrous Activities

  2. Wanderers

  3. Sights & Sounds

  4. Objects

D12 Monstrous Activities

  1. 3 Trolls preparing a fire. 2 Troll Toddlers screeching and wrestling. A lamb and an indigo dwarf are tied to a nearby tree.

  2. 2d6 Goblins wait to ambush a Mold Ogre who arrives in 1d6 turns. They have 2 bear traps hidden in the grass.

  3. 4d8 Sugar Bees escorting bejeweled Queen Bee to hive.

  4. 2d4 Koalas wait to drop on unsuspecting travelers.

  5. A One-Eyed Fitch scouting a Skulltrich nest guarded by 2d4 Skulltriches. Will enlist PCs in it’s scheme to get a Skulltrich egg.

  6. 1d6 Fluorescent Wolves on the hunt.

  7. A Goblin with a twig crown and tattered rug cape demands tribute from wanderers in it’s land. It’s accompanied by 2 Orc Warriors.

  8. 2 Troglodytes on Scorpions dragging a Koala in a net to their lair.

  9. 2d4 Goblins are gathering berries and nuts while singing an ear piercing goblin shanty.

  10. 1d4 Giant Cockroaches guard their nest inside an old hollow log.

  11. 3d4 Slime Bats looking flying to or from their cave lair.

  12. 2d4 Spiders about to eat Shroomkin traveler trapped in their web.


D12 Wanderers

  1. Goatfolk water caravan. Transporting pure mountain cloud water in clay vats on pushcarts to nearby settlements. 3d6 Goat Mercenaries guards. 2 merchants selling water, rations and soap. 1 Goat Priestess (HD: 1; AD: 12; ATT: 1 Dagger 1d6; ML: 6;  SP: 30’) chanting prayers.

  2. An Elf fortune teller selling incense and prophecies. Has a large telescope strapped to their back. Wears an amulet of Smoke Form. (HD: 2; AD: 12; ATT: 1 Dagger 1d6; ML: 6;  SP: 30’)

  3. Beetle Archaeologist (HD: 1; AD: 12; ATT: 1 Cane 1d6; ML: 6;  SP: 30’) with 2 Beetle Guards (HD: 3; AD: 15; ATT: 1 Scimitar 1d8; ML: 7;  SP: 30’) and a Grey Dwarf porter (HD: 2; AD: 12; ATT: 1 Dagger 1d6; ML: 6;  SP: 30’). Will offer Hibiscus Tea to PCs. Hungry for rumours of ruins or artifacts.

  4. 2d4 Doggo Hunters (HD: 2; AD: 12; ATT: 1 Dagger 1d6; ML: 6;  SP: 30’) riding Skulltriches. Tracking a Shark Bear.

  5. 2d6 Human Bandits in a hurry to their hideout. Might stop to rob anyone displaying flagrant wealth. One of them wields a golden scepter with a lily pad shaped emerald on the top.

  6. 3d4 Frogling Bounty Hunters (HD: 3; AD: 13; ATT: 1 Spear 1d8; ML: 7;  SP: 30’) are searching for human bandits who stole a Frogling Prince’s scepter.

  7. 2d6 Well dressed Beetlefolk teenagers (HD: 1; AD: 12; ATT: 1 sword 1d8; 1 slingshot 1d4; ML: 6;  SP: 30’) on the run from their strict boarding school, they are cruel and will taunt the PCs on their looks and wardrobe.

  8. 4d6 Ratfolk (HD: 1; AD: 12; ATT: 1 Dagger 1d6; ML: 6;  SP: 30’) on their way to religious celebration.

  9. Catfolk Wizard (HD: 3; AD: 12; ATT: 1 Dagger 1d6; ML: 8;  SP: 30’) seeking escort to nearby village. Will give a scroll of Miniaturize when escorted safely. Equipped with Spellbooks of Sleep and Magic Missile.

  10. 2d6 Black cloaked, hooded dwarves (HD: 2; AD: 12; ATT: 1 hammer 1d8; ML: 6;  SP: 40’) kneeling and praying in front of a black standing stone.

  11. Avian Bard (HD: 1; AD: 12; ATT: 1 Dagger 1d6; ML: 6;  SP: 30’) eager to hear of the PCs deeds. Accompanied by a heavily armored Apefolk warrior (HD: 3; AD: 16; ATT: 1 Warhammer 1d10; ML: 7;  SP: 30’)

  12. 6d6 Cultists (HD: 1; AD: 11; ATT: 1 Club 1d6; ML: 6;  SP: 30’) seeking a prophesied incarnation of Doki, Hamster God of Chaos. Prophecy is vague and they are gullible.


D12 Sights & Sounds

  1. Loud boom from high in the mountains.

  2. An airship extremely high above shooting fireworks.

  3. A mournful song from deep in the forest.

  4. Angry yells and howls in the distance.

  5. A shadow figure peeks at PCs from behind a tree. Vanishes suddenly.

  6. Large snails slowly crossing the PCs path.

  7. Orange and purple clouds in the sky. Shaped like people.

  8. Hundreds of large migrating butterflies pass high overhead.

  9. Cheerful whistling comes from an indeterminable location.

  10. A giant purple whale flies through the sky. Vanishes through a glowing portal.

  11. A ring of large quartz pillars that seem to hum with energy.

  12. A 9 foot perfectly round stone orb. The area around it is unnaturally quiet.


D12 Objects

  1. Love letter to “Sugar Snout”, bad handwriting, orcish slang, gross.

  2. Bottle of purple phosphorescent liquid, strong alcohol smell. Mushroom stamped on cap.

  3. Rusty broken manacles.

  4. Small leather pouch full of sharp beastly teeth.

  5. Crudely carved wooden idol of a plump pig faced person.

  6. Bloody travelers pack: 1 torch, 1 ration, empty wine skin, pouch of marbles.

  7. A bundle of 3 bottle rockets.

  8. A large empty turtle shell covered with carved runes.

  9. A note, fancy handwriting: “Meet me in the mountain cave. Bring the book!”

  10. A disturbingly lifelike ceramic gnome coin bank, contains 1d6 gold.

  11. A sentient black arrow. Offers aggressive advice when asked. +10 to hit if you whisper the targets name to it. Explodes for an extra 3d4 damage on hit.

  12. A bottle of extremely spicy Shroomkin made hot sauce.