Twitter Wizard Spell Book

I asked folks on twitter to generate a spell name using this generator I made and write what the spell does.

I got so many great responses so I compiled them into google doc spell book!

It was fun to see spells written by people from different gaming backgrounds: OSR, 5e, Story Games.

Some of my favorites:

33. Hilarious Temporal Hand

Opens a glowing portal in front of you, if you reach through you see nothing but feel someone's belt. The next time you would take falling damage, ignore it, as a spectral hand grabs your pants and saves you at the last moment. @GPejeau

35. Abyssal Acid Forest

Lets the caster see into a primordial landscape from millions of years prior, but whose landmarks are used by secret societies to convene and hide things in the modern world. @fuseboy

64. Putrid Singing Tentacles

Inky black tentacles manifest from a dimensional void. The tentacles smell of week old sushi and sing "In the Air Tonight," but stop just before the bit with the big drum fill.

Save to avoid becoming ill from the smell. Anyone who does the drummy bit from the song using whatever means available auto-passes save. @CullopGeoffrey

Check them all out here:

Twitter Wizard Spell Book