Pamphlet Dungeons

These are small, low level dungeon adventures you can drop into your campaign. They can each be printed on a single piece of paper and folded into a portable, easy to read pamphlet. Monster stats are for the Knave RPG but can be easily converted to any old school D&Dish game.

Temple Of The Bat Serpent

Many years ago the monks mysteriously abandoned their monastery on Mount Desmodus, never to be seen again. Local legends tell of foolish explorers who disappeared after traveling that far up the mountain. People who’ve wandered too close to the monastery’s stone entrance claim they’ve seen something staring back at them from that black maw of a doorway. Surely, strange things lurk in the dark shadows of Desmodus.
Eyeballs! Bats! Mermaids? Need an easy to run dungeon for your next game sessions? Drop this monastery into your campaign or hex-crawl for some spooky low level fun!  *Contains horror elements that some youngsters might find scary*

The Mephitic Laboratory Of The Pescamancer

The coastal village of Mazunte has been cursed! The once lucrative fishing industry is in shambles as the normal fish have all but disappeared from the bay and been replaced with smelly, hideous almost-fish that have random body parts of other animals. Can you break the curse?
This adventure is loosely inspired by the area of Oaxaca Mexico I lived in as a child. The town of Mazunte is a real place with an interesting history of sea turtle farming and wildlife conservation.  Other than it's coastal location everything in the adventure is made up and the real Mazunte is a great place to visit.