Tunnel Goons

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Tunnel Goons is a very light set of rules for tabletop adventure role playing. It’s great for casual game sessions where you want to get right to the action and avoid a lot of book keeping.

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The simple rules leave plenty of room for Game Masters to adapt the game to their table and for Players to engage in creative problem solving.

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Tunnel Goons is also a great starting point for making more complex games. Tunnel Goons is released under Creative Commons 4.0 International License. So it can be remixed, transformed, and built upon for any purpose, even commercially.
There have been many games made with Tunnels Goons already, covering a wide variety of genres. Here are a few examples:

Lords of Mars
Shroom Goons
Yokai Hunter
The Midnight Chimes
Rock & Roll City
Dish Pit Witches
The Estate of Baron Archambaud, an Ingrate
Sprawl Goons
Cavaliers and Coilguns!
and many more!

If you create something with or for Tunnel Goons, please let me know at nathantreme@gmail.com.