In The Light Of The Ghost Star

Weird Adventures in the far future

Earth was abandoned ages ago during the red giant expansion. Now, dimly lit by the ghost light of a dead white dwarf, it lies layered with eons of forgotten civilizations. From the warmth of Martian reactor cities, scavengers hire illegal transportation to earth to delve into its depths, looking for ancient treasures. There they must deal with ghosts, machines, and the strange life that has evolved on humankind’s abandoned home planet.

In The Light Of A Ghost Star is a rules-lite system and setting for science fiction roleplaying. It comes with a hex crawl andventure and random tables that can also be used with other RPG systems.

Get it!

Pay what you want (even if it’s $0!) and download the game from the following stores. Print version coming soon. Until then, print it yourself!

This game is just cool. Very gonzo, very fast to play. It’s weird. Like you’re gonna make friends with dolphin men and fight mutant clams in an aquarium
— Jacob Ross, G+ RPG Community
Very cool ... I can’t beleive how much is in this.
— Ray Otus, Plundergrounds Podcast